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May 2008

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Hetalia; Bros b4 Hos

hope_rising in multicolorglass



[Oh look, I apparently hold long conversations with my muses. Y halo thar crazy.]


I can't say your the best at representing me, but I suppose you're adequate. You've at least gotten me my heart back, and I have yet to hear any objections to my behavior. Can't quite say I'm not enjoying my new life either.

However, I would like to know exactly why I'm an apparent drug peddler on that godless community.
I don't think I'm that great at you either. Oh well, I ain't letting you go over at eway any time soon.

Because it's hilarious. Oh, the wonders of crack.
Well maybe you'd enjoy your life a little more if you didn't pick on Daddy so much ya know.

It makes life more difficult if I can't get with you in the future, :|
No, I'm quite certain relishing in your father's misfortunes only improves my quality of life. No true harm intended to him, of course.

Despite what the twisted minds of these women like to imagine, I wouldn't worry too much. I promised I'd wait, didn't I?
Is it really that fun to tease Daddy like that? You know that Scarface probably has an itchy finger right now now.

... Just because you said you'd wait doesn't mean I don't know what's going on in this person's head! You know she's got it in her head that I'd like a threesome.
Yes, and it's not as though I torment the man. Well, not enough to draw much of Xigbar's attention.

I'm fully aware, though both I and this girl are determined to keep our promise in this timeline. I've been trying to ignore that. I've been enjoying my heterosexuality.
It's enough attention that you've gotten more dolls than you need, right~?

Fulfilled promises are nice, aren't they Marly~? Considering how much everyone just seems to LOVE pairing anyone with an black coat with everyone in the Organization, I'm surprised you like anything that doesn't have manly bits~
...he... certainly has a sense of humor.

Oho, are you doubt me? I'm hurt~ I would argue the point that Larxene is female, but quite frankly I'm certain she has larger manly bits than anyone else in the Organization.
I heard Zexion gave you one too. Is that true?

Me? Doubt you? Of course not. What about mutton chops? Are you saying he's not as manly as Larxene? *giggle*