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May 2008

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origina!sheena fujibayashi application on template

Player's Name: Leo
Player LJ: leochan
AIM or Email:
AIM: twilightsnobody EMAIL: tenshinoryo@comcast.net
Timezone: CST
Other Characters Played: on template? None.

Character: Sheena Fujibayashi
Series/Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Original or Template version: Original

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Sheena's robes are not of a normal ninja uniform and are a bit more unconventional compared to how her society is raised to be. The light purple robe is open at the front, and it's easy to tell that this ninja is well endowed for her age. She wears a white support cloth around her chest that are there to, if nothing else, hold up her voluptuous chest. She wears black tights that tuck underneath mid shin periwinkle boots that have three buckles on the outer sides of them.

She stands at a proud 5'5", with long black (sometimes dark blue/purple) hair that's held up by a small pink ribbon in a rather messy pony tail. She's got long bangs that look like they'd get in the way of her vision, but in fact frame around chestnut colored eyes and a pretty face to go along with it.

Around her waist is a large pink sash that (held by a braided red chord) ties up in the back to become a huge pink bow with tails that end right behind her shins. Every now and then, a small golden bell hangs from the braided red chords; slightly beaten and dented in a few spots.

Personality: When first meeting Sheena, she's a rather quiet person. She only speaks when spoken or when she needs to address a topic. She's very much the role of a tomboy having been raised to be a ninja despite the gender she was born. Those who get to know Sheena a little better know that she's a rather kind and caring individual underneath the hard exterior. But she's rather shy when it comes to unveiling her personal feelings. She doesn't like showing that she's weak and hides behind a tough exterior. Sheena also doesn't have much faith in her abilities, whether it be about becoming the Chief of Mizuho or her skills as a fighter and a summoner.

Abilities/Strengths: Seeing as she's from a ninja village and next in line to be chief thanks to her Grandfather's position, Sheena is very agile and quick on her feet. She's trained in martial arts AND she uses magically infused seals to fight which range from melee attacks to life siphoning attacks. She's also able to conjure elemental summon spirits when given time and concentration.

Weaknesses: Sheena is quick to verbally defend herself against perverts, idiots and the like. She's also very easy to irritate which one by the name of Zelos Wilder likes to exploit; while she may be an exception to the Mizuho society, she does not share her true feelings as well as she could and prefers to put up a strong front. Mentally, however, her two true weaknesses include mentioning the Temple of Lightning and her best friend Corrine, a man-made summon spirit. (Reasons for this are mentioned in the history as to why these two are considered a weakness.)

History: Since she was little, Sheena has been trained to become a ninja and once she was old enough, to become the chief of the hidden village Mizuho. Not much is known about her immediate parents as she was said to be adopted by her Grandfather. During her training, it was found that she was a Summoner: one who could form pacts with the summon spirits of the world and have them at her beck and call if she so chose.

When she was seven years old, she, along with a ninja party that was led by her grandfather, went to the Temple of Lightning to make a pact with the Summon Spirit known as Volt. However, during the attempt, it was found that Volt's language was much different than their language and the summoner could not make a pact with the spirit. It went on a rampage shortly thereafter, killing a good portion of her village and sending her grandfather in a comatose state but leaving her only with a few burns and scratches.

With her failure now permanently carved into her heart, she was sent to the capital of Tethe'alla -- a wonderous city called Meltokio. There she frequented the Elemental Research Laboratory that had asked her to attend. Sheena first met Corrine there -- the first man created summon spirit. Becoming friends with the summon spirit was a difficult challenge as Corrine had a dislike to humans because of all the experiments being performed on it. In the end, and a few escape attempts later, Corrine saw Sheena was not like the other humans and the two became friends.

It's not known when Sheena returned to her village, nor is it known exactly WHEN she met the Chosen of Tethe'alla (One Zelos Wilder who apparently tried to peek on her in the shower). But it wasn't until she was much older that the King of Tethe'alla had gotten wind of the other world known as Sylvarant and their Chosen that was on their way to Regenerating their world and ordered Sheena to travel to that decaying world to assassinate their chosen.

Naturally, Sheena accepted the job and made the journey with Corrine to the other world. They travelled to find Sylvarant's Chosen and managed to find her and her rag tag group of body guards... needless to say Sheena wasn't very successful with that attempt... or the second. And up until that point she had been considered an enemy of the group until the destruction of Luin, the town she was staying that had been destroyed and overrun by Desians.

Luckily, the Chosen's group had shown up after the destruction and had healed her up she she had been mortally wounded while trying to protect the villagers. Both parties, after the decision to team up, went to the human ranch and freed all the villagers and destroyed the ranch in the process.

Sheena had become apart of the group despite her current job occupation and travelled all over Sylvarant with the group. During her travels, the summoner slowly found it more difficult to even comprehend the job of assassinating Colette because of how close she emotionally became. She even made her first summoning pact with Undine despite her internal turmoil at attempting it. (It frightened her that it'd be exactly like the Temple of Lightning.)

But, despite all the side roads and other mini adventures that were had -- she and the rest of the group finally made their way to the Tower of Salvation. To save the now heartless Colette, Sheena and the others take arms and fight against Remiel -- then Kratos and then finally fall before Lord Yggdrassil.

They are saved by the Renegades, but shortly thereafter are lead to Tethe'alla by Sheena when the group finds out that Lloyd is now the definate target of their plots since Colette is now a true angel.

After arriving in Tethe'alla, Sheena leads the group to Meltokio with an official note for the group to give to the king before she leaves. During her time away from the group, she catches wind that they've all been detained, thanks to a certain Idiot Chosen's big mouth, and helped them escape from the Papal Knights.

Sheena was permanently apart of the group from this point -- having been appointed to watch over the group and led them to different places of Tethe'alla. For the first time, she brings the group (outsiders) to the village in order to safely hide them from the Papal knights.

Needless to say, all the hurdles that the group was faced, the largest and most painful hurdle that the summoner dealt with was the inevitable pact with Volt. Despite Raine becoming a translator for the unwilling Volt, he lashed out at the group and it left Sheena completely frozen with fear. It was like before. She didn't want it to be like before! ... And so deep in her fear was Sheena that she hadn't realized Corrine's sacrifice to keep her alive.

Her best friend -- her companion was now dead due to her inability to make a pact with Volt and it was then she finally had the strength to face the shadow that had loomed over her for twelve years of her life. Sheena's resolve strengthened at the loss of Corrine and with the help of everyone else, she fights to make pacts with the rest of the summon spirits to help save the world and to prove that Corrine's sacrifice was not in vain.

Upon her last summoning pact with Luna and Aska, the sudden influx of mana to the seed caused it to spiral out of control and grow into a mutated version of what the Great Tree should have been. Destroying landscapes, Palmacosta and anything else in the roots' way.

The endeavors of the group brought Sheena to the location of the Mana Cannon and she used the mana from the summon spirits of Tethe'alla to neutralize the Great Seed from causing anymore destruction.

The group began searching for other means to save the two worlds from destruction; during the process Sheena is confronted by Kuchinawa, who at this point is harboring bitter feelings that she's made pacts with the summon spirits now rather than in the past when many of her village was killed by Volt.

Sheena issues a challenge and uses Corrine's Bell as a wager that she will not run away. After preparing for the battle, Sheena (along with Lloyd) makes her way to the duel with Kuchinawa and wins after a harsh battle. After letting him go after the duel, Kuchinawa was finally out of the way, and the group was free to continue saving the world.

During their journey, she was faced with finding that Zelos had been working for Cruxis the whole time, almost sacrificing herself to make sure Lloyd was able to get to Colette and the Great Seed and help in defeating Mithos.

That should have been the end, correct?

With one final pact to make before the true ending could be had for both worlds, Sheena and everyone find themselves racing back to Derris-Kharlan to save Colette who had been possessed by Mithos after they had successfully defeated Origin.

It's then, after being seperated and faced with shadows of their past, that the group faces the real final battle; all the incarnations of Mithos Yggdrassil.

After the battle, Sheena watched as the worlds were finally merged together thanks to Lloyd and Colette and returned to her village to prepare them for the move to Sylvarant's side and become the Emmisary of Peace for the two worlds.

A year and a half after the final battle, Sheena became the chief of Mizuho with Orochi as her second in command and confidant and had been living peacefully until one Zelos Wilder appeared at the front step of the Village asking to travel with her across the world~

At first she declined, but after being informed of the cult that was chasing after him, the ninja decided to journey with him. From there, they travelled until one night they stayed a night in some unknown town and upon finding him missing, she realized that she was not in the place she had originally been before and was short a Zelos Wilder.

Sample Journal Entry: Hm? What's this? .... a communication device? Maybe I can find him on this thing. [ Sheena clears her throat. ]

Zelos? ZELOS?! You had better not gotten yourself into any trouble again!

I wonder, where am I? This place doesn't LOOK like the city we had just stayed in. He didn't move me around while I was asleep did he?!

Ooooh! Zelos you had better show yourself right now and fess up! ..... You stupid idiot. You're making me worry again. Excuse me! If anyone here could explain where I am and if they've seen a red-headed pervert around I would appreciate it a lot!

I've got to figure out where I am before I can actually find him.

Sample Roleplay: Sheena stepped forward through the village of Mizuho. The gravel crunched beneath her boots as she made her way past all the people; the real villagers who had managed to continue living after the disaster with Volt all those many years ago. It was because of her first failure with Volt that she was here, with Lloyd Irving, and heading to the Isle of Decision to meet up with Kuchinawa.

There was a butterfly feeling in the pit of her stomach as the duo made its way to the dock. Stepping in first, Sheena found her footing in the boat as Lloyd crawled in behind her and began paddling towards her destiny would take her. The silence was calming and it helped Sheena concentrate; anyone else with her might have made her very nervous or made her very angry. (read: One Chosen of Mana; Zelos Wilder.)

It was only a few minutes before they reached the island surrounded by water and there standing and awaiting her arrival was Kuchinawa dressed in his ninja garbs; eyes watching her with determination. When they landed, she stepped off and headed for the center of the isle, standing face to face with one of the few people that had been close to her since being brought to this village.

"... Sheena! It took you long enough!"

"So, you really want to do this?"

"Of course." Kuchinawa motioned towards Lloyd who stood in the background, "Is he the observer?" Glancing back at Lloyd, Sheena gave him a confident little smile before turning around to Kuchinawa with seriousness written all over her face, "That's right. Lloyd Irving is the observer."

"Hey, what does the observer do exactly?"

"He just watches over the fight and when one side admits defeat or-" Kuchinawa finished the sentence for her, "Or dies, the observer confirms it." Sheena's fist tightened nervously but she let it loosen up before hearing Lloyd's voice behind her, "... all right." Getting into a fighting stance, she waited for the signal to commence the fight.

"Then... begin!" Eyes set on Kuchinawa, Sheena raced forward to meet her past and her future head on.