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May 2008

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♠ morning dew on a rose

leochan in multicolorglass

All right you darling little characters. The floor is open for discussion! If there's anything you'd like us to start doing more with your characters, please feel free to suggest!


I have someone I need to find. I don't care if it's Yuki, or Mytho or Ahiru.

If you don't find some place for me to do my job you won't like what I do to you.

You could've had a nice sleep if I didn't like Joki enough to like her Fakir and then remember you exist! D: I'M SORRY FAKIR PLEASE DON'T HURT ME.

I'll give you back your cat if you'd like? :D;
I want to play more with Daddy and Scarface and everyone!

Do I get cake too? I want to make cake with Luxer!
... Seriously sweetie. You need to make more friends than everyone in the Org. :\ They're gonna end up being really bad influences on you.

Remember? You're supposed to go do that game of dodgeball or something! Make friends your own age! Lord knows Demyx'll feel better when you're not hanging around Marly.

And cake is good. I'll make you some chocolate cake or have Shadow do something with Luxord.
Make up your mind and figure out if you're going to play me or not!

Also, I SEE WHERE YOU'RE LOOKING. You had better do that application if you know what's good for you! He's causing up trouble over there. I just know it!
I'M TRYING. I SWEAR I'M TRYING KANAME. I have almost everything done! But startits told me that the RP sample would need to be redone! I need to make a new one AND your journal sample entry!

I love you and all girl, but PUT THAT PAPER FAN AWAY. T_T
Also, what was up with that last place you put me?

You made me a total angst bucket. I am NOT an angst bucket.
.. uh... Eway just wasn't the place for you? :D
You do that to me again and I'll label you a terrorist and send Sousuke your way!
I'M SORRY. ;o;
I suppose my concerns are the same as Miss Chidori's up there. I would like to know if I'm being played at any other place.

I'm very glad that you're concerned about my... what did you call it.. 'biffle' status? But, I know that you're very busy. It's alright if you can't decide but please, make a decision soon.
But....! Your biffle is super important! T_T I know you're lonely without Anise! I KNOW YOU ARE. I don't want you to be lonely anymore!

It's not fair that you can't defend yourself against Arietta... you need Anise there! She's your other half! You GOTTA have her! D:
You're such a meanie! You haven't played me on Phoenix in over a year! I mean, I know that it's not your fault.. or McDohl's players' fault.. but come on!

And you played me for a little bit on that one place! It made me so happy that all my friends were there! It was like we were really becoming a team again!

Can I please please PLEASE come out and play? I know I'm the oldest one here, but, this ISN'T FAIR AT ALL.

Oh, and I would like some cake like the little girl wants too. :D
I think you can manage to find some cake.

.... hey! I'm trying over here! I want more you and McDohl interaction but seriously. I can't find him to save my life... and ... you know how much I love you guys together. ._. It's my guilty pleasure in life and it doesn't feel right to play you if I haven't finished that part of your RP life. D:
It concerns me that you seem to try and .. hook me up with characters in every place that you take me and it never seems to work out.

Why is that? I'm curious.
Because I can't find an active Lila for you to confide in and mother on.

So, the next best thing is to find you a potential romantic interest.

Come on, I know you enjoyed being with Ryo. :D
You need to finish that app for me on template_rpg. You and that Raina girl keep coming up with plots for me and her Zelos on that place.

You've done so much for me already on entranceway though. I didn't really like it when you were planning on putting me through all that emotional stress in the beginning, but I like where I am now.

I've got a fiance AND a future son. ... Just don't do anything to screw it up please. I'm in your head, Leo. I know you've been plotting.
Hey, that stint in Eway was totally not my doing. You know that I wanted to avoid that kind of thing at all costs considering. :\

.... I promise I won't screw it up! I promise promise promise!

Seeing you, and Yukiro and Zelos happy together as a family really warms my heart. But I'll work on that app! I just hate your history, woman. XD
Hey Buddy, I didn't think that you of all people would end up having me live in your head space.

I mean, you're a girl. You seem to have lotsa girls sittin' in this space!

So uh.. mind givin' me a guy to talk to? That way I'm not surrounded by nothing but guys.
..... I do hope you realize that there /ARE/ three other guys in my head other than you.
Yeah! I know! But ya got girls here, too!
Right. I'll get to work on getting another guy to join the ranks.
I know that I'm not your strongest muse. You created me because of all that crack you had on that one RP and decided to try me out.

But seriously, don't let yourself feel backed into a corner because I'm a popular character.

Oh, could you find me a Namine or an Axel? It's a bit empty over here.
Considering I don't play you very often.. and all the Axel's and Namine's seem to be taken.. I'm not sure I can help you out with that. >_>

But... I love you and I just don't want to play you incorrectly. People judge by who you play. ... I just don't want to do anything that invokes the wrath of more 'experienced' Roxas players.
Che. Don't even bother with me. Just find me a damn Fox and Yukina.
But you have Yukina! ... Kurama on the other hand... you'd have to ask Retard about. :D;
I think I can safely say that, Leo, you need to stop leading all of us on!

... or find people that will fulfill your expectations! One of the two!

For me, the older version of a muse you've already got, I don't have anything I really want from you! I have Marly on one place and I have Xiggy on that other place. I think I'm one of the only characters that's actually getting anything out of this deal, so, how's about you pay more attention to their needs?

I have everything I could ever want here.
.... God, I love you. T_T You're so easy to please.

Fine! For that you get awesome screen time later! \o\